27 Feb 09.30 PM
*phone beep*
MO: Hey, do we have colg 2moro ??
me: Don’t know  ! i ‘ve no idea
MO: Then get idea ! IDEA 3G 😛
me: Oh den buy me one i’ll get one 😛 😀
MO: Idea yaani paani poori, masala poori, bajji idea !
me: Haha okay 😀 ! enough now u sleep and let me get some sleep. 

Ohh yeah we were talking about next day. There was this bandh on some xxx reasons.Uff 😦 ! any bandh or anything that may happen in the world, our Khadoos college stays irrelevant of all those things 😦 😦 .So i, pushing aside the holiday fantasies, tried to concentrate on making reasons to change my place in lab next day. Its really boring to stare the LCD screens for 3 long hrs with nothing much to do. Usually we don’t do much of constructive work in labs, all that we get to do is type practice( Hope you got it :-P).
Regretting why on earth i chose computer science branch 😦 :-/

Uhhh with the whole two to three pages of typing done there’s nothing much to do.And the remaining 2 hrs, okay precise 2hr 15 mins, we got to stare the LCDs’ like zombies.With the anxious eyes watching over you there’s no chance that you can play any games on that supaa fast computers. Hmmm sad rit ??! :-(. All that you can do is  decently chitchat with your sidee.So its kinda obvious why i would want to change places !! 

* amidst all these thoughts another phone beep*
27 Feb 11.04 PM
MO: Hey guyss no colg 2moro 🙂 !! enjoyy 🙂
me: Hurrrayyy 😀 🙂

I read the message atleast five times to make myself believe, at last they declared it. Haan a big bunch of thanks goes to the bandh doers !! Not having a slightest clue about why they were doing. And that’s obvious mm…….  living in hostel, that’s natural you know. 
Okay now after the thanking and all, I decided to have a decent night’s sleep. Now when i say decent, it really means that. It had to mean, after all waking up at 5.30 irrespective of the weathers and whims to sleep.
Thanks for the college timings 😦 :-/
Running to catch the bus every morning. I wonder how i would be looking, running that way :-O. And reach the bus by 5-6 seconds late and the driver gives an i’ll-see-your-end types look !
Uhh  WTF , Screw you Mr.Driver 😦 !!
I almost sacrificed my early morning dream.I left my boost to get cold on table.Huh breakfast is too far to think about.I saved myself from falling into those man holes while running.And still i’m running on my high heels ( which i sometimes feel, i could carry in hand :’-( and wear them in bus, haan haan if manage to get into !! ) just to reach in time. So much i’m sacrificing yet so in-considerate he is :-(. Really really sad :”(
P.S – Sometimes i miss the foundation and the kohl too 😦   

Ahh after such a sacrifice for week long, I have every right to get some decent night’s sleep.Huhahauahaa 😀 screw the lab,screw the driver, screw the college 🙂
I would give away all my wardrobe in exchange to a pact on making bandhs. That desperate i’m for “Surprise Holidays”.