Lately, everyday i have been wishing for atleast one free hour so i can update the blog. Its been many days since I updated my blog. It had to be, i think, with all the other things on hike i hardly find anytime to refill it.Well, this is how i console myself, to be frank i take every chance of blaming on circumstances for my absence past few days…. hump ! okay MONTHS !!
    After my last post 2012/02/holidays i thought of many topics to be shared in here.Almost 5-10 topics in just a span of two days.I hardly slept those two days !! Every topic i gave a thought ended up in another topic. Excitement was rushing thru ma veins…. and i tell that’s the most awesome-est moment. I have this habit of super-exaggerating whenever i start something new and this feeling lasts till the end or no is secondary.
   Sooner or later, i slowly start loosing to the Miss.Lazy in me.I made up my explanations for not showing up past few days. And am totally convinced with them haha 😀 ! Firstly, i wasn’t in mood to explore ma thoughts. I had serious fights with ma bestie(will show up in ma future posts).When we finally resolved it, i got busy with mid exams.Exams came and went, but i was left behind with no enthu.
 As long as i’m in college, i tell myself i would definitely update today. Huh 😦 !! I knew i would never listen to myself. And the little Miss.Lazy in me says i needed a good nap after a day’s long boring lectures in the hot summer. So I surrender for a chota-power-nap. The ‘chota’ becomes thoda aur and thoda auuuuurrrr…… finally ending up till 6 PM (Inevitable you see 😦 ).
Then i think about refreshing ma mind to write something , whilst ma roommate asks for the lappy. Okay fine half-an-hour doesn’t really matter , thinking that i give her. Half-an-hour turns one-hour and one hour turns two …………….. And i’m still waiting for ma lappy thinking if only i had the lappy now i could’ve updated 😦 !!
Later at 9 Pm ma roommate returns lappy.Hmmh but its hardly any time to update, its time for DINNER !
Post-dinner scene- Now that i’m done with all sort of excuses both internal and external, i get some quality time to spend with my lappy and i want to update the blog, but i don’t literally.Instead, I drift across other blogs, download e-books and watch the missed mentalist episodes or any new Korean movie that’s wandering in all the hostel lappies.The whole episode occurred past few days,daily without fail.
Now leaving all the excuses apart, i think i accomplished the work i came for. Yeah this is the comeback 🙂 !! That’s all for today or obviously tomorrow or anyday till i’m inspired to share something new ;-).
Happy Tuesday and wonderful week that follows !!