Destination Hyderabad….. 

 Its been exactly 12 days since i arrived in this city and i already feel i’m related wit this city on long run. I feel the city cozy and comfortable to fit-in unlike how i used to feel in the start days.
       It all started with the thirst of to-be-overqualified(*conditions apply,based on my college) what i think, to-not-waste time what my parents think.I had two months of holidays and there’s no way i was let to ruin like i did in the last sems .And so happened this “Destinaton Hyderabad”.I had my own gains in choosing Hyderabad over Bangalore. Come’on it was my first stay in the real metropolis that too for reasonably long time, how would i not see my benefits ?? First thing that reflected the choice was,i will get to meet my lovely dearest cousin,whom i’ve not seen since ages.Second,courses in Hyderabad are cheaper to later.And there are hostels countless on fingers, waiting for you to come and join i was told
(contrary to wat i really experienced).What-so -ever reasons i set to hyderabad,oh forgot to mention,companioned with my friend.
      Day 1-5: Not sure enough about the accomodation, but sure enough that we would move untill break of night,like we were told,we went to my cousin’s place. Unobviously, hyderabad wasn’t like i expected it to be.It was pretty much hotter than usual and got even more hotter as day went on.We used only autos to commute from stay place to the insti as buses were not-any -less than the coaster ride.Then after, we were in search of hostels or pgs. Nothing was so easy like i thought it would be just go check in few good ones and move in.It was lot more than expressible.We walked almost every street and stepped into every hostel we found,almost 25-30 (ahh i no that’s a huge number:-( ).There were more possibilities of complaining bout the hostels unconditional to the number of hostels we saw.I even cursed god for bringing me here.

     Day 13 : No matter how much i cribbed for coming here and how i sobbed for not staying at home and enjoying, i’ve learned to live up life as it comes,”Expect the Unexpected”.Yeah, atlast, we found a comfortable place with TV, making us feel at home but not so great.Food is not so homely but atleast eatable.We went to a fab mall in city,shopped a lil,consider it was the best time spent in the city.
            So this is what it is sometime good and sometime bad, but i’m here waiting to explore more of Hyderabad.
Goodbye, till i’m shown again.