Yeah it may seem crazy to you but that’s what happened to me! I recently realized that i built up a strong affinity towards stationary things and the assemblage consists of stick-notes, scrap books, notepads, markers,charts. The Stick-notes being the best of all.

P.S- Thanks manu for giving it to me, I’m totally loving it :D.

Today i’m totally happy, b’ coz  firstly, i finally bid bye to the blogger and launched one in here :). Its totally fun writing in here.And considering commenting,  should be easy for those who had complaints regarding it in blogger. Secondly, i made myself a stick-note chart. Yay ! it seems, though i may or maynot follow, i love putting rules to myself. It was on the A.T.M card that i first used the stick-note, reminding me faithfully not to spend money, if not in case of survival urgency, the purpose i intended it . Gah . But i never noticed the stick-note when i had to spend , intentionally , i didn’t. If i really did stick to that stick-note (wow am getting rhythmic 😉 ) i would’ve saved three-quarters amount i had. But then it wouldn’t be me that way, no ?

Mm i think i’m being into a sort of relationship with these stick-notes these days, with the stick-notes playing a mumma role. Yeah they are that way, orchestrating me ’bout what to do.And i love the stick-note chart strung up my wall which was other-wise bare.I say it has got a beauty to my wall 🙂 .Credits to me too for the idea :D. Its got my entire schedule for a day, a week, a month and few on even longer terms. And with all the do’s and donot’s too engraved on them, hopefully i’l follow them.

P.S- Yay ! even my theme resembles a Stick-note. 😀
P.S-Updating and saving is easy in here which in blogger shud take ages and ages.
P.S-Phew ! even WP sucks in font styles 😦
P.S-Woah ! i took whole two hours composing this post :o.(Chalo considering it first here, its forgivable).

Disclaimer (Unrelated to above post): I changed my website from finallybeinginwords to beinginwords. No, i dont have any reason in particular, may be i felt it a lil lengthy.

You know its all with the disclaimer thing and how i like explaining things, even irrelevant 😉