If I could only tell you how superlatively baffled i’m right now, this wouldn’t have been such a delayed post(which has been invariably waiting for ages  in my draft box to be posted) whilst that clearly explains i have something to crib about 😦 , only in much larger portions this time. Well to hit-the-ball, its PLACEMENTS time.

Who would have thought that four years will just pass away in no time, like in a blink-of-lash? But apparently, this is what happens and has happened, three years and two months of engineering has given to its epic moment now. At this nonplussed state of affair, now that you are in serious thoughts of surviving it your best, there are certain species which are too giving in their paramount effort to make it not-so-easy.

The first person I would thank is Mr. X, bearing some Y post in my college, who is so benevolent to bring in some Z tech-giant HRs. Wow the Hrs, no doubt they are HRs, they took every single chance to itch my peace-of-mind. Goddamn! Why are these people so-student-allergic??

Not-so-pleasingly, I find myself seriously irked by people these days. People come up to me judging how well I write :-\  . Guyzz this is a serious disclaimer for you, I don’t write what-so-ever you wish/like 😐 . This is MY blog and I have every possible right to rant my musings. I know you have many other worldly issues to solve, kindly concentrate on that. Stop bugging me . . I would be pleased for your concern that way!

And there are set of sapiens whose day doesn’t go without plonking their nose into your personal lives, as though they imbibed the right on the very day they were born. Uhh, I know I’m a born veggie, but seriously, that doesn’t avoid me from treating me to the later. I’m tired  answering questions like, Ohh! You eat XXXX ? Your parents know you eat? How did you first start it? etcetera. And I’m suddenly like, did I do something unacceptably illegal? Gah! I don’t understand how my food routine is anyway concerned to your life??  I already have multitude of things taking-over my normal-being…. plzz don’t put in your strenuous efforts to burgeon it. Just three words.  Mind.Your.Business.

Even, lately I developed indefinable hatred towards this stupid tech-equip, Mobile phone. Another peace snatcher for me. I wish Motorola never manufactured this magnificent piece. Who says wars can happen only on land. Even air is a medium of wars I tell you. I know you could say avoid those people. But then unavoidable they are 😦 .Say some X is a friend of Y and Y is a friend of Z. And X and Z, blaming on the destiny, are at one place on their daily routines. Now who would claim to be the bestie of Y can take you to the alps-of-hatred for each-other(I mean btw X and Y).But imagine Z complains about X to Y, relating to possessiveness of X for Y. Now how stupid is that? :-/

Who would say ranting is complete without FB mentioned? Yes the status-es, posts, notifications, shares everything’s been a head-ache for a while. Unfriended two and blocked one :-(.

Sigh! How much one can be annoyed or say psyched thru magnitude of things is ahead of explanation.

P.S – HR’s should be questioned about the company’s prospects in the interview. How well it can suck out the proficiency from us, how long it could sustain from being into recession.Unlike the vice-versa tradition.

P.S ­– All the non-veggies in this life should be born veggies next life.

P.S – Y and Z should never have been friends at all :-/.

P.S – FB shouldn’t have had this status feature at all.