Because, I believe boredom is a phase of psychological, unproductive and unrelenting languor that happens without the interference of the subject and duly owed to the surrounding people, circumstances and world which has conspired to make its life hell-boring (self defense not intended at all).

Bored. It is few of those lethargic times when I feel the world has come to its edgy existence and sadly is gonna collapse due to unusual shortfall of productive things to do.Gah. I wonder how there isn’t a damn little thing that pushes me off my bed.

On the contrary I somehow realized it’s good to be bored which is why I happen to rant something at least. Or may be not.  Considering how I’ve been spending my week, I guess I would be the first on the list of people living the least utile lives past one week. Attended college on day-by-day basis with even much thought about what books I was carrying, coz there’s no use in carrying books to classes that wouldn’t turn out (Thanks to the post-placement mood and NBA accreditators).

When in this dreadful time I’ve noticed that I do few things, only those and not any other every other day I’m bored.

1. I’ve seen that boredom for me results in depression. Depression of not stimulating my grey cells or at least   muscles. How would one do that if all he did was, sleeping and umm… more sleeping?  For a mediocre person like me sleep hours could range from previous nite 11.00 PM to next day 6.00 PM, if at all my roommates realize that someone’s laptop hasn’t yet been growling, or even more.

People go awed when I say this and are like, How can you sleep like a log for so much time??!  And I answer to them in an infantile smile, that’s the easiest thing I can do dude!

2. On those unlikely times when the power board is not happy with my sleeping and plunge in distracting my bliss, Clever guys. And I’m sorry guys I’m budding resistance to your power cuts too, most of the times but then grrr! sometimes you are successful! , I end up calling my friend and eventually lots of arguments finally hang-ups.

Following up my bore-day routine I came up with a hypothesis, quantity of boredom is directly proportional to no. of hang-ups.

3. On that obvious note that I sleep too much it is slam-dunking that I skip feeding myself. And the hostel food is even more encouraging me to prefer logzsing to feeding on it. Apparently giving me more odds to feed on junkies when I wake up with a grumbling stomach.

4. On those rarest of rare days I even dwell in scribbling something like today.

See this is what happens when I’m bored long unrelated posts. On a sad note my hair’s ruffled like a bird nest. I’d better deal with it. And I’m really hungry, for last I consumed something was yesterday afternoon. Oh my gosh ! Poor me. 😦 .I’m on the way dialing to the nearest junk-store while you enjoy your weekend 🙂 .

Happy weekend!!