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This is me, again! There are primarily two things I’m wanna say now. Number one, just a few seconds+ back did I realize that this would be my 10th blog in the 10th month from the start of this blog 😀 . Yeah yeah! I know that’s below the average-blogging-poverty-line. I’m sure WP would had deactivated my blog by now, had they standards of blogging regularity. Yet no offense given that I’m being lazy busy this fall B-). So cheers to the sluggish owner of the blog,ME!. And number two, I’m superlatively frustrated reading the same old posts day after day on my page 😐 .Gah.

I was just wondering how come I haven’t yet discussed my friends here. Gross of me.So here I go describing the crazy friends I have. Oh wait  hope you guys won’t sue me for the order, coz it wasn’t my choice either. I tossed :-D.

Manu- My first bestie in the college. You’re the person I’ve shared the most feelings with. I still remember those 2nd year days when you used to complain how zombie-like I used to be in the morning periods. I had this unusual 1st-period-mourning-sydrome but thankfully I’m over it.(Some 3rd person would certainly assume something’s terribly wrong, huh that gloomy I was !).You’re  the person I’ve fought with the most too. But gal! you’re are such a cutie-pie. You would be the first to speak after every other fight. Love ya!!

Minu- My wonderful lab partner! I advice you to start tutorials on “How to lead tension free life”. Seriously!.Gal!  No one’s above you in countering others. Beat that. And you know waaat? I’m also sacrificing him to you.(You know who :-P).(Manu and Minu are total Korean*for their bathetic and like-ever-lasting soaps*  freaks. Poor you(?).Maybe we. They’ve also composed a debut song in Korean and owed to visit Korea atleast once.)

Uddi- An accidental friend, coz I never knew I would be frens with you. But guess waat I would never regret being that. You’re the most sensible one amongst us. You are definitely one of those angel-types 🙂 . And baby you took me by surprise with your texting-kshamata yesterday 😮 . Hope to put them here soon!

P.S- Minu I hope I’ll convince you someday, atleast.Ugh.You’re the most inconvincible one :-s .

P.S- Manu still complains I’m the most expressionless-being on this planet 😦 . Ugh. But don’t worry manu I’m working on it.

P.S- You’re all just awesome-est ones I could ever find. Love u girls!

Disclaimer- In dedication to three lovely people! All those wonderful moments spent with you shall be cherished forever.