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Amshu was all excited that day. She was in her favorite math’s class but couldn’t concentrate on the teaching. She had already been called out twice by her teacher and is scared of being thrown out if she’s caught next time. Perpetually she’s drawn aback by the thoughts of the dress she had been longing for, wondering if it had been sold out. No! she shrieked, loud enough to draw the entire class’s attention towards her. She was abashed, amidst all these the bell had rung and she puffed a relief.

And within few minutes she was surrounded by where-what-abouts and a-few-advance-wishes. Amshu was happy and had already begun to feel special while she noticed Raanu running towards her crying. Even before she could utter a word Amshu pulled her by arm and scolded, how many times have I told you not to come to my class?? Raanu looked up to her with those tear filled eyes and spoke in her adorable-five-year-old voice, my Miss beaten me badly, innocently showing her knuckles. Amshu just shooed her by saying, teachers are like that. Now back to your class and have your lunch.

Raanu was Amshu’s baby-sister. Not that she doesn’t like her, its just that she doesn’t want her around in the school. In the evening she rushed home and urged mom to go shopping. She didn’t want to miss her dress. She had shown that to mom every time they had passed that showroom. Much to her disappointment that dress had been sold out. Amshu cursed her luck and bought another dress, not heartily though.

She couldn’t sleep all that night. She was thinking about the surprises and the party she was to throw. Amshu had tried and managed her parents to party at the town’s famed beach eatery. With a pot-full expectations of her B’day, she slowly swept into the darkness of night.

Next day Amshu woke up early without even her mom crying-out after her. She was literally on A.I.R. Nothing could slack her gaiety. She was kissed and wished by her papa ,mom and lil sister. She promised to be back by 7 P.M. Amshu’s mom had asked to take even Raanu to the party. Amshu looked at Raanu who was watching her expectantly and just pushed off, Mumma Raanu’s only five! She wouldn’t talk to anyone and moreover shud be watched upon. Plssss mumma let me go alone.

There was no way Amshu’s mom would make her take Raanu instead she just let-off.

In the school Amshu was being wished by everyone-friends, knowns and unknowns. She was enjoying being special. Later after the school she picked up her friends’ bunch and headed to the eatery. It was huge and had many play areas, gaming sections. Everyone were in praise of her. It was 5 P.M. Mom had rung her and told her to be home on time. As time passed Amshu’s awesome feeling started to fade. It was tough for her to make everyone agree on one thing. People were scattered and it was difficult grouping ‘em. She hadn’t received the gifts she expected also. It felt very less of a b’day she imagined. By then it was 7.15 P.M and was continuously been called from home. Atlast very much disappointed by her b’day Amshu headed back home.

As soon as she entered the living room everyone shouted in chorus, Happy b’day Amshu!!. She was surprised to see a large cake and her neighbours. Little Raanu ran towards her with a gift pack and asked to unwrap. Amshu was totally in bliss it was the dress she had longed for and a super-cute card made by lil Raanu. She hugged her tightly and was flooded with tears of happiness. For dinner the family ate Amshu’s favorite food mom had made and she was astonished to know it was all Raanu’s idea.

In the night Amshu was lying on bed thinking about the day. She kissed lil Raanu’s hand.(Little did she know that Raanu had been beaten up by her teacher for playing with charts without doing the copy-write. She was making her a b’day card)

Happy to the heart’s content Amshu slid into dreams, after all she didn’t Celebrate her b’day the way she had thought. It was only a way too much better!!

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