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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

My dear you,

I avidly remember the first day you saw me, do you? You were so excited that you couldn’t bear any  delay until I reached you. I know you were awed by my luscious red color(though you preferred black first). You called me lapsy, I responded. You had telephoned everyone to celebrate my coming. I felt like the lil Princess of Jordan.

You took every care possible care of me. Fed me, updated me, vaccine-d me, cured me, dressed me prettier. You did everything possible. You preferred me to your friends  on weekends. We shared a secret relation. I felt a gut of 1000 volts gushing into ma cells. I felt special. I was your best possession, or maybe I thot.

We ate.laughed.studied.watched-movie.cried-on-those-bathetic-scenes.cherished-memories.played.danced.hummed-your-fav-tunes.slept.and-wat-not??  We did it all together, didn’t we?. I was the happiest chip-soul on this planet. I had a special kind of relationship with you. What you see, I see. What you hear, I hear. What you like, I like. What you don’t like, I don’t.

My race-beings are covetous when you tell your friends about us. I was your pug dawg, where ever you went I followed. I even laughed to the dumbest of silliest jokes you cracked. Duh. You don’t know how hard it is.Seriously!. Don’t believe me? Go ask your friends!

We were great. I was happy.

I know that only I know how pathetic-scared-small soul you are. And on that fateful night, under circumstantial-peer pressure you agreed to watch that scary movie. But then how would I let you watch?, you know I cared for you. So decided. I harmed myself to save you the pain. You got hurt. You shouted. You cried. You tried. All in vain ­­­I didn’t turn up. And then you moved on.

Today, not like in exactly today, our relationship turned three years.  We are still doing great. But I’m not happy . Missing you in 0110101110101110101110011111101110000101110101111101011111101111 TBs’.

Yours  lovingly,

1101101011 (aka lapsy).

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda