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Don’t ask me why I hadn’t shown up. Exams time I tell you. While the exams had got over a couple of weeks back it would be betraying the readers if I say I had been busy. So were the things around me. So very slow and so very life-less. But then whose is full of liveliness all the time I ask? That deciding I showed up to update the saga of my exams. Me naah 😐 !

Exams went on really okay. I think I like exams period. No don’t think I’m sincere but then I have my own reasons. I mean there would be sleep-less nights but the sense of pride when you complete the answer in that last second while the horrifying souls (read as invigilators) are behind your breathe is just ineffable. *Touchwood!*.

  • For good sake, this sem we had our exams in the afternoon. Wow that means a bonus! Today’s 24hrs+ extra 7 hrs- approx 8 hrs for miscellaneous works that includes eating, facebooking, complaining about syllabus or teacher, chitchatting and periodical power naps. Ahaa that’s not it who would not consider the time taken for deciding the chapters.? See there are eight questions from 8 chapters out of which you have to attempt any 5 of your choice. Chances are, the more commonality in chosen chapters the more likely will be scores.

GR: This is the matter of yours and much of your friend’s marks,so spend some quality time in telephoning more than three friends and then decide on chapters. Because later you won’t rejoice your friend attempting a Q and you don’t coz you’ve read some wrong chapter. Unity works everywhere  😀 .

  • 5 Qs’ and 3 hrs. However well you know the A you will not endup finishing the 1st Q in less than 55mins. So take an extra 5 mins do all the decorations and yeah don’t forget to carry stick pens. Least to be said there will be left 20 mins for the last Q after all this. Don’t panic. You’ll get used to it on the long run.

GR:  Rational prioritizing is out of rule. So stick on to Round-Robin priority. Utilize even the last second to the fullest .You’ll fly. Period.

  • And what if you face a writer’s block in the exam? Again, don’t ever panic. Try to connect with whatever you know to the given Q. Gather some-kind & any-kind of relation to it, least to the farthest. Any stuff albeit loosely coupled does matter so don’t give up.

GR: Out of 10 people 8 of them wouldn’t have known too. Use the pattern matching algorithm and then bam!  just see what happens.

  • Then who’s the hero at the end of the day? Guess…..guess….!  Obviously one who has taken the max additionals. Clichéd but true! Taking more number of additionals not only does bluff the examiner but leaves an immense confidence within too. When you know nothing relevant  mere one mark per page counts to pass.

GR: At last how much you’ve learnt will never matter, what does is only how much you can fill in. No. of additionals is directly proportional to the amount self satisfaction. Touchwood! Touchwood!.

By the way I’m happy that my exams went fairly well. And yay end of labs. Cool :-). And not so cool 😦 there’s the project thing now. Somehow I’m hoping to manage that too. Wish me luck!

P.S – GR stands for ground rule.

On that happy note I gained some weight due to regular eating while exams. And that’s the best part about exams…… flowing food 😀  .