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Precisely it’s been three weeks since the last and yet another sem has started. Courses this year have been the same, not-so-great-&-why-am-i-reading-this types. Who cares who about it? Well not me, no? But unfortunately this sem hasn’t been so good to us. Courses are delt by the strict-est profs of the department. So reading-novels-during-the-lectures ruled out, playing-bingo ruled out, reading newspapers ruled out, writing-records-during-class ruled out (umm.. actually the last one could be exempted. Thanks for no labs thing this sem). Well in simple and all means probability of entertainment during class is low NULL.

But that is not it. I mean, I am not here to crib about the courses and profs albeit that is what I did. Okay I know I haven’t left a single chance of not mistaken-ing, but then it’s not. Our college’s gonna host a fest and then what else? Lots of fun you see. College being started since 3 weeks my attendance numbers are struggling to reach quarter century. And yet am not worried. I’m into the team. Yes yes, Lucky me.! No classes, no project, no listen-else-getout-looks, no sleeping-open-eyed, no wishing-for-time-to-run-faster. Real lucky, no?

Albeit there was a big gig regarding the project groups it all went fine in the end. However fest is postponed to err… well some uncertain days I too don’t know, I think of attending classes. Mmm actually I’m worried about my attendance classes, yea sometimes I could be like that too. Don’t believe? Not your offense.

And dude! Happy Christmas!! Finally I’m giving this post its salvation. I started this like ages ago. At least I hope to compose the post the day I start. Like I decided to post this up today, I think I can add up bonus requests too. Santa Uncle you hearing no? No don’t worry I’m not throwing a list of items on you, in fact I’m concerned for you. Real concerned. I’m sure zillions of wishes must be slamming on you. How do you even manage your financial plan? I wonder who’s your resource person? Anyways that’s not my point. I thought you know we could be partners. You know you need someone decently-cleaver to guide you on real and fake wishes not-to-mention marketing strategies, profit-loss advantages too. You know I could reduce your work too you must take 365+extra days to deliver your gifts all over the world on your reindeer-sledge. You might be tired working all thru the year. So here’s a way out. I’ll start a “Santa Delivers™” only for Xmas gift deliveries and I’ll make sure it delivers in one business day. All you have to do is sit back and relax and your reindeer too can finally take some rest. (See I’m animal concerned too  o_O that way). Smart me no!? We will put up branches in all the cities. You could be famous in no time all over the world. I know you are but you could be the Modern-Fastest Santa now (*start applause*) Okay (*now stop you are diverting me*). After giving you this brilliant idea I deserve some credits at least right?? I’m not funded by the secret-nowhere resources like you see! So better be fair with me. Profit! you wonder? That’s no big ordeal. We’ll charge shipping-costs. It could be less than the gift they claim or more or double or absolutely FREE. Get it.? I need my share from it and of course lots of fame+ *conditions apply. Ta da! You happy. Me happy.

So saying this I assure you that all care will be taken to give the best consultancy and delivery services. If you are satisfied feel free to contact me. Anytime.

Hoping to hear from you, Santa Uncle! Oh ya Merry Christmas to you.

* Title extended to add

*Could include seasonal incentives to your partner, that’s me. And special discounts or no charges. And etcetera.