Back! Really?? *Pinch**Pinch*… Oh that’s for real. I know I know this would ve been running down your mind. Nevertheless that sting on your arm should ve proved I’m back and for real.

And now that I’m back I really don’t understand where I start off. I have to fill the longest gap on this blog.  And for the first post in this year here it goes, Yay! Its summer time and that too after successfully completing engineering. Oh that means lots and lots of free time with nothing productive to do. How one can engage himself thru odds of unusefulness is in itself a mindboggling challenge. Whatsoever my day usually begins as early as 9 without any idea of how to spend the day. Oops! I forgot to mention the reason for my holidays (unsure if I can use this word since technically I’ve completed the course), uhh waiting for my JL, faithful resources say it would still take two-three months. Hmm back then I couldn’t wait till the holidays started and now ugh.

Apart from being bored to death I figured out holidays could do so much better to snatch your peaceful living. I know a lot of you bet to differ on that but wait let me explain. So here it goes the saga of holidays.

Before it really got started I was super excited and planned a hell lot of things to do. Huh! So much for holidays only now I understand empty mind is indeed devils workshop.

So Day 1, I go and ask my dad to put me into car driving. We agree on time flexible to me, so 5 in the evening it was. And then two days three days i’m still quite excited. And fourth day I wish the car driver doesn’t turn up because it was disturbing my cozy afternoon nap. Lately but I realized, Oh man ! this driving is so damn boring.

And then being all inspired watching all the cookery contest on tv I decide to give it a try which is against my records. Emotionally feeling “Anyone can cook. QC: Ratatouille”. Ohh let me tell you every-anyone cannot cook, so please stop misguiding innocent people. Like me.

Not much talking about the taste the cooking, sleeping for long hours has only increased my weight. And I’m afraid if I continue I might have to take anti-obese sessions, kidding though. Umm watelse I decide to do yoga. But only being inspired till downloading the app and then it’s all normal again.

Anyways I’ve made a lot of ranting for the comeback. I think I’ll cut short the crap. But this time I’m sure I’ll be back soon coz, holidays are not yet over buddie!

Happy Tuesday!

#Self Confession: I think it’s quite ironical to wish happy day after such a long rant post.

*18/6 is the actual date i composed this post. Till today it was lying lifeless in my drafts 😛