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In this fast moving world of virtual relations it is not surprising that human body has evolved from humanbody = organic parts to humanbody = organic parts plus lead &plastic parts. While it typically takes a personal tinct on what has to be the extension, generally adopted are mobile phones, ipads, tabs and like me, laptops. Though I cannot entirely say it is my extension, it might be a whiskers’ length away from it.

My conception is that a) things which don’t stand or work properly tend to become obsession and thence extension-body-part b) Laptops do not work only when there is a survival emergency. Each time without fail. I can also sign a guarantee note, if you insist.

However it (the subject of the story) has resolved to snatch my peace for from past few months and eventually I’m subjugated to L.D.D (Laptop Detachment Depression). If you look at with a critical eye there are catastrophic consequences due to this L.D.D. Like any other depressions, L.D.D also results in uncertain Food Affective Disorder. Speaking, that could be a cry session followed by not eating when everybody’s around or eating more,( read it abnormally more) when I’m alone.(There are proven theories that humans eat a lot more when in depression. So don’t give me that look). If at all fate fails and my laptop ends up with some problem when my sister is using, then it’s not less than a battle-of-waterloo between us. The last brawl was the highest of all we had and we ended up not talking for almost 15 days. That’s very very huge if you know us.

That is nothing. The major thing is how-to-handle-me-during-L.D.D? This is difficult because I’m harder to be handled than an angry elephant.  After the whole-cry-and-curse-god-and-why-me scene I end up calling for some expert advice. That’s when S and B (my personal all-in-all caretakers) get into mess. I have lost the count of countless hearings I get from B for knowing nothing and sleepless nights S has spent formatting my laptop. So I sincerely narrate the whole how-and-when it happened scene to them and they in return dutifully dictate the solutions, which will be followed with due respect. But then like most of the times or say always* it doesn’t work.  I’m agitated. Then starts a different battle-of-whatever. But people are turning smart. S and B prefer to join the grievance club rather than trying to be Einstein.Not sweet >:-( .

My laptop which is three and half a year old now has evolved from ohh-yess-I-love-my-laptop to ohh-no-i-want-to-break-my-laptop. Nonetheless I love my laptop as long as it is working 🙂 .

*Ok, I’m not a mugger. There are times when your solutions worked out and I sang high songs of praise and thankyous each time. Your works are paid.

P.S. I swore to be regular from now, God please bless me!
P.P.S. I’m super excitedly waiting for tomorrow. Coz’ its Shopping yay!