I cant exactly tell you how excited i am as at this moment. The long five months vacation has finally got some happie news. Its about the joining. Yes! got the JL. If you are seriously thinking whats in a joining letter after passing thru an interview, then I say you are lucky. You are lucky that you didn’t have to go through the dumbest-tasteless-impatient days in your life. Only a person who’s placed on a herd basis will understand the importance of a JL and such. If i had to say about the problems we faced in the torturous society it would take a good long rant post. But no I dont want this to turn into a rant post. So it is, a happy post with no cribbing.

Guess where the posting is….?  Ahmedabad! My parents are quite apprehensive about the location but i’m happy. I didnt have any preferences over the location so any place didnt matter much to me. But Ahmedabad had something to me. Back then after the selection process I just told my friends i would go to Ahmedabad take an apartment beside IIM-A and stay there. Im surprised it just turned true. Well not the IIMA staying part though. But i think i ll visit it someday during the stay.

And the second happy news is that I got and internship as content writer. This is exactly same situation when I got selected in the campus driven. Back then i was recruited and the following day i got runner award for a writing contest by some fashion mag. And now two incidents with similar connections. Ohh did i tell you both the pair incidents took place in Sep this year and last year. I’m going to consider Sep is a lucky month for me :-D.

Happy Day People !!

# This is the most randomest post ever. I think i ll delete it someday when I refresh archives.