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At 8.00PM

Me : Mom I need dinner ready by 8.30 PM. Kindly stop your saas-bahu serial and get cooking!

Mom : (Irritated) Why ?

Me : I should wake up at 5.00 AM

Mom : (Shocked) Why ?

Me : I gonna start yoga from tommorow. And this time its serious.

Mom & Sis : (Laughing )


At 9.30PM:

–> Finished eating

–> Set the alarm at 4.45AM and snooze for three times at five min interval.

–> Set a back up alarm too.

–>Announced to the family proudly about my fitness plan. Perfect 😀 !


Ready,steady,get set sleep !!


At 10.07PM:

S on WA : Heyy hiee!

Me : Hi, sorry can’t text today. Yoga. Gotta wake early. Bye!

S : Byee.


At 10.20PM:

What should i write on for the next post? I think i’ll write on animals. Or that one i felt uncompleted in the drafts. I’ll complete that.

That kitty blog I saw today ahh what-a-blog it was! I should be regular too.

Ohhh its 10.45PM I gotta sleep.

*Sleep damn-me**Sleep :-/ 😐 *


At 11.07PM:

What should I wear on the first day at the ILP? Ohh that reminds i should go shopping. A says there’s some good stuff at Indira Nagar. No, I think i’ll go to mall. I’ll have more options. Hmm thats better!

What the helllll…. its 11.23. I’m supposed to be sleeping ugh!



*I’m sleeping*

*I slept*


At 11.35PM:

Ahh this light is so distracting. Actually Jaya Nagar is better than malls. I will go there. Last time i had so much fun shopping there.

Ohh its 11.45PM and i’ve not slept yet.

Someone please give me some sleeping pills 😦 .


At 12.03 AM:

Me to S : Heyy you derr ??

S : I thought you wanted to sleep

Me : Yes. But………*blah**blah*………………….*I’m sleepy*…………..*blah*…………..* I should be sleeping *……*blah*………*Ok bye*


At 04.45 AM

Arghhhh! Someone please shut the alarm!!!!