I decided i will blog continuously for a week in line. No. nothing special to say just wanted to see how long I can stick to it. Hmmm where to start about I donno ? These days i’m preoccupied with so many things. You know like many things of importance. In less than a month from today I’ll be starting a new phase of life. So october is all going to be preparation for that. Here’s a check list for things to-do in october.

* Shopping .No wonder this is first on my list given my love for it.

* Get the submission documents done.

* Study. Duh not again .

* Get photocopies of family and me. Nostalgic already

* Buy a travel trolley

* Shop for necessities (or) utilities. I love this too

* Meet possible friends,relatives, and extended relatives before i go.

* Get groomed. 😀

* Kill the tailor and get the work done. God give him patience pleasee !

* Prepare a list of books to read

These are things i can remember now. Will add on as i remember more.

Edited : Some more to the list

* Give tests online. Important

Happy Tuesday 🙂