Today was a bad start.A really bad start. I had to give an exam today online. And what else can happen? I switched on my laptop only to struggle with it for 30 minutes. In that 30 minutes i cursed god to 30 squared times Why God why me 😦 ? The Lappy tried a new chicanery, to laugh wickedly while i brooded in agony. Good try Lappy! But i did totally contrary to the imaginable. I kept my calm and let it do what all it had to. I didn’t long press power button. Not even once.( which otherwise i would have done n squared times). So finally it gave up. I won :-D.

Online exams are not something i rejoiced about.I know no one rejoices exam what i mean is I’m more comfortable with a paper and pen. I don’t why I’m so scared of online exams, however well i knew the concepts. Today’s exam wasn’t anything about differential calculus or applied physics. A very basic where-who-when-was-it-found types. But still I was scared and worrying yesterday. Don’t know what’s seriously wrong with me :-[ .

P.S I scored 90% and I’m very happy( I’m totally insane). That made up for the morning.