Lately i have been super bugged by people and their thoughts. If it was somebody i didn’t care i would have prayed god to bless that soul and moved on. But these people are close to me. Close to my heart. And i cant let them be like this. The problem is that i think I’m broad-minded. I am one undoubtedly. So i expect people around me to feel and think the way i do. They don’t sometimes. I think they are narrow-minded. Now who defines the line of margin between narrow and broad minds? Does it depend on the perception of the individual? What if your near-and-dear think something as normal which you think as being narrow minded? Should you confront ? Or let it go.? I have been facing these situations and i cannot seem to let it go.

I mean i have seriously no problem if a person wishes to be friends with his/her Ex, unless they are on mutual understanding and have no problem. I wouldn’t mind if someone wears hot-pants to a street walk. Its totally her comfort. And no one has any right to stare at her like an extraterrestrial object or worse, comment how ugly she is. I can’t stand people who think their counterpart doesn’t love him/her anymore if they don’t say propose or call cheesy names for one day.

Today i was having a usual conversation with my bbf. The bbf needs some description here. The bbf studies at a premier college and walks talks eats logic. I usually get my gyan from the bbf.So far very good. Today we were talking about someone, a person. The person had something to do with him. And i wanted the identity. He refused to say. I threw him some emotional friendship dialogues. But no. Now i got really furious. He thought he was protecting the identity of that person, for what ? The person hadn’t committed a serious crime or anything that’s near to illegal. Still he refused. Okay i felt bad. We had never any secrets between us. And the reasons he had to give me for not saying seemed extremely ridiculous. Nonetheless he agreed to say. But he wanted me to promise. Seriously Dude ? I mean for such a petty thing ? This was too much for The person who thinks you are dumb ass if you can’t solve your pc problems or can’t answer any of his question. I refused. I mean it seemed so stupid to be promising on something that wouldn’t matter to me in any way.

The thing that he didn’t tell me didn’t bother me. But the insane reasons he gave did for sure. Protective for what? I mean that’s a thing which happens to three persons in two seconds around world. What’s the big deal about that ? What does a simple word give you which five years of friendship couldn’t give? Seriously duh!

#a-pathetic-soul-trying-to-understand-people, that’s me.