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I know I’m not much of a regular blogger. Apparently that is why 4 out of five posts here starts with an apologetic addressing. But nah, not this time. Because that is the beauty of my own space. I come and go at my own convince with no obligations.

– Today is Wednesday. Not a very special one but quite a one. Pre-noon was a very gloomy-pathetic-nothing-to-do one. All roomies had gone to office at different timings starting from breakfast till post lunch. And I was slogging on bed as went. Thanks to no works days. Duh :/

– Somewhere between pre-noon and mid-noon I received a bag which I had ordered last week. Only to depress me even more. I couldn’t hold my tears as the saw the bag and my piteous work-less-state.

– Mid-noon was even more worse. Life felt so worthless and meaningless. I skipped my lunch as always typical depression disorder. Cant work it out.

– And between mid-noon & post-noon the whiny phase just blew away. I never thought I could be Pinkfloyd material. But man! I am. And its so addictive that i’m loving it so much. They are just awesome and connectable. High Hopes is what I’m dying for right now. (More of a situation song- suits if you want some motivation :p ). I just love psychedelic songs 🙂

– In the post-noon I was all energetic. Called up the said bag website and blasted them. All they could reply was ‘we donot have an exchange policy’ . And I made even more clear that there was no way I was going keep that bag. Seemed to work anyways.

– In the later post-noon I got my dresses from the tailor’s. And are perfect!

It all happened like to prove the ‘positive energy concepts’ which I by the way into now-a-days, ‘Positive thoughts therapy’ cautiously suggested by a dear friend. Suggested for depressive disorder maniacs like me by me .

Happy Positive Thoughts! Happy Wednesday :))