Last week I was talking to this good old friend of mine. I hadn’t kept in touch with him for quite a few days that is after I went to Ahmedabad, in short Ahmd ( bcoz I think I am bound to use the name for quite a large number of times and I don’t enjoy wasting my time just in typing the name) for ILP. So like always we ended up talking for a long time, updating each other. No this post is not about how much I missed him (Sorry A :p) , in fact it is how much I have missed Ahmd and how much I would have loved being there than sulking here in Bangalore’s traffic. I love this city (okay just a little) I was, as a matter of fact was born in this very city and have fondly memories of my summer in here. For that I have immense respect to you, Bangalore. But let us face it I just love Ahmd more than you. I had a whale of time in just a pity three months of stay at Ahmd. And I thought it would be so ungrateful of me if didn’t log the memories of Ahmd. What better than this realization, I ask?

Though I’m brutally forced to accept that this phase is over and I’ve to move on, the memories of those days are still lingering around me. So I want to cash all my memory before I loose to it. And all this happened b’coz of this call to my friend. I totally relived those moments all the while talking to him. So wait for more to come under this tag.* Oh my god I have so many things to talk about and I’m all excited Eeeee 😀 :D*

Till then ciao !