Many a times in this hustle and bustle of life we miss out on minion things that make us smile. Today i realised one such things while travelling by bus. Thanks to the bangalore’s traffic for the minor joys and realizations that occur to me ( otherwise you know how much i hate this traffic).

The bus had stopped at a signal while another bus just praked in beside my bus. It was a school bus. Mostly kids. Kids here i mean real small kids may be 1st standard or less. And such a joy it was to watch them giggle and laugh at silly things.
It was a two seater and three of them, two girls with a boy in between, sat there very happily oblivious to the gender bias they ll be  exposed as they grow.
And there was another girl sitting across them, on which seemed like a small stool. The girl next to window on the opposite side had this iron panel to support the glass panes which hindered her view to the outside. As she was , what i thought , cutely cribbing about the blockade her friend instantly offered her window to look out. Awww… such a cute little things they are.
As they saw me watching their utter cuteness they giggled even more and waved back at me. Had i been the me i was, which i’m not now, I would ‘ve shy-ed away from waving back. I don’t know why but I wouldn’t have acknowledeged it though i wished to. But here I was waving back at them franatically ,beaming with joy. Joy of little wonderful  things. I spent all my journey thinking of their harmless , innocent , adorable smiles.
I know i dont have explicit time to take out from my daily chores, but by chance if life had to offer these to me I promise never to shun away.