Last weekend was one helluva time that I cannot easily forget. I am happy. Way beyond happy that I’m writing about a bygone weekend only to rejoice that I have had happy times weekends too.

Last Saturday, my friends and I had planned for a movie. And Queen it was decided. The movie in itself was an awesome one but I don’t want to talk about it. Just two words MUST WATCH! We are planning to watch it again so you can safely trust me. Every-time we go for a movie we have this war to occupy the middle seats (within the frens). And this time I had to occupy the last seat or was made to as it turns out to be. So then comes this stranger with popcorn, in the empty seat next to me. I gave a quick look at him and a frown at my friend for putting me at the last. This guy was in such a hurry that he almost completed his popcorn before the intro names ended. I told this to my friend and we were giggling non-stop. Later somewhere in the first half,

Stranger : Excuse me ! Do you have any problem if I have popcorn?

Me (quick-perplexed-look) : What I didn’t get you ?

Stranger : You were telling something to your friend about me and giggling right ?

Me (extremely embarrassed) : Oh no ! That was justt….. no no no not at all.

Stranger : Ok! You want some popcorn ?

Me (Embarrassed power infinity) : No no its okay.

Rest first half of the movie was watched with guilt overflowing and rocked posture. In the interval,

Stranger : Do you want some popcorn ?

Me (thought process) : Okay fine! Everyone comments. But lucky! you caught me. :-/

I  irritably turned towards him. For a second I couldn’t register what I saw. He looked familiar. But who? In 10000 millisecs, OMG ! this is A, my friend. But what is he doing here ? Is it coincidence ? No b’coz he doesnt stay in Bangalore.  And then it occurred to my grey matter, this was a surprise. And it was evident thru the beaming smiles from my friends. I was over-over joyous that I was screaming in the hall. Thank goodness it was interval. I couldnot believe it. But had to. I found it hard to even gather words, all I did was cup my face with shy-joy, throw fist bumps at him. I didn’t stop till he said it pained. I looked at friends who had made my day and said a silent thanks to them. I knew I was never so much exited and surprised. I love you guys!  So very much :*

I want to tell so much yet but I’m terribly tired after a dance session at flat. So I ‘ll stop here. I’ll tell the rest of awesomeness in another part. May or may not. You know how much I stick to what I say. So bye now.

Here’s to another weekend of I don’t know !

Happy Weekend !