Happy. Again. Yep. I have been posting so many happy-me posts  here these days. Which is very unusual . Now that i made evident that i’m happy, i want to go into details rite away.
Today was a happy-office-day. Yeah after so many glum days i had very productive days. And yeah i was applauded too for the work :D. Stress and recognition works wonders for me .
And the other reason is that, tomorrow is my happy-birthday 😛 . It require a special note here. I am not a squeaky teen going bananas over birthday, in fact i have a record of worst-birthdays-ever. But not this birthday. Yay not this one :D. Firstly , tomorrow is my cousin’s engagement. Im not sure if everyone will congratulate her but im sure everyone one will wish me. Lucky me nah ? I’m going to celebrate my birthday with friends, parents , family , extended family and extended friends 😀 .  This is like after 8-9 years i’m celebrating with this large population.
And the second one, i’m not sure if this is intended to happen but i came to know about all my birthday surprises with out any effort. Just like that. I got a present from S, a  week ago. I came to know about the cake surprise from S. Today i got a message from flipkart about an  order I didn’t place.  I called S and B who were the only suspects and found that B placed an order but the order number he placed is different from the one i got. There goes another surprise. I still don’t know who’s the other sender. I reached home early than as usual and caught my friends running pre-birthday errands. When i entered my room i found a package, misplaced by a roomie on my bed. I smiled but promptly returned the pack to my friend without investigating it.  I’m an honest girl that way :).  My sister called  me up and offered options to choose my gift.  Even as i’m typing this post i’m being asked to shuttle from one room to other.  Heights of obviousness :-p .
Though i thoroughly enjoyed knowing all the surprises in advance there’s one thing picking me. I have to act to the surprises i already know 😦 . And i’m one pathetic soul who cannot do this. Anyways i will try my best to be surprised. And you! Wish me loads of such happy-birthdays 🙂
Happy night!