Office. Hate office. Hate mondays. Tuesday this time. Hate tuesdays. Journeys tiring. Hate journeys. Hate buses. BMTC specially. Hate traffic. Red . Bus. Halt . Hate red . Work. Monotonous. Hate work. No fun. Fun = ILP. Miss ilp.  Want more ILP. Weekend trips. Hearty laughs. Ilp awesome. Awesome friends. Mini crushes. Dance. Movies. Shopping. Everything. Mornings. Peaceful . Walks. Walks to office. Music plugged. Walk back. Laughing out loud. Larger group. Daily dinners. Sponsorings. Parties. Treats. Too many. Sardar. Yash. Hangout places. Best chicken. Garima.Breaks never-ending. Coffee. More. Blabber. Even more. Spats. Smaller. Biz pressures. Tech pressures. Viva haunts. Presentations. Lots of em’. Got thru em’. Memories. And memories. Happy ones. Miss ILP. Badly. No office. Office sucks. Boring colleagues. Boring work. Only work. No fun. Hate lunch-times. All alone. Weekend waits. No laughs. No giggles. Grim hi-s. Walk alone. No blabbers. Or coffee. Atleast. Love Ilp. Love Ahd. Miss Ahd. Hate Banglore. Hate work. Hate office.