No. I am not happy. No matter how much i try being positive, it doesnt work. Though everything is falling in its place im not happy. I am not happy with people around me. Work is getting only worse. So many things to do. And i wouldn’t say there is no time. There is. What’s not there is interest to do 😦 . How i wish i were happy. How i wish could be obliviously to happenings around me. How i wish there is a place with no complaints at all.
And among these so many terrible things is one thing that is making me smile. No laugh like nuts each time i watch it.

That litle kid is just so very awesome. I couldnot resist sharing this video inspite of my bad mood. I have watched it over 100 times. And it makes me smile no matter what mood im in.

# btw those lil cuties are relatives of my friend.
# i am not able to post the video. Duh . Double duh 😦
# may be tomoro i’ll figure out a way to post it. No ! Dont say now. Im super bugged rite now. :/ 😦