Yeah. A hell-lot-of-things are okay!

It is okay to be meh-ed,
Yet get going each day.
It is okay to be alone,
And yet feel *act* occupied.
It is okay to strive for a fitness regime,
And yet gorge on a nutty brownie with chocolate sauce.
It is okay to have a blandest routine,
Yet wake up each day with beaming hopes.
It is okay not being nice to everyone,
And yet not feel bad about it.
It is okay to bunk office without reason,
Yet feel good about it.
It is okay to ditch quant for pretty-little-liars,
Yet not regret it.
It is okay to not be able to sleep,
And yet not complain.
It is okay to gulp a can of red bull,
And yet not feel energized.
Or may be just too energized to sleep.