The title here pretty much explains how the weekend had been. The friends and i had a plan to try our luck at cooking since  very long time. And it was, today.
We had been to niligiris the day before and that was when we decided we should cook . Right there on the pavement we promised to cook at any cost , lest we only make plans, it should never pan out . The same day we bought chicken and stuffed in the refridge.
We had no clear recipe in head. So there were some  hitches on what was the expected outcome. But anyways here it was , a four-brain-child, somewhere between starter and gravy.
As soon as it was done , i watsapp-ed our accomplishment to friends and extended friends. I bet they were all envious. Haha 😀
Then we sat down to eat. And ate in sheer silence till we protuded our foodbabies, till we were sneezing, till it was harder to stuff more.
And then concluded it with a good decilious nap. Which is the reason im not able to sleep now and eventually this post.
That was the end of a happy sunday.