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Last week was plain super-duper awesome. It saw me indulge in all sorts of happies. I guess people are on surprising spree these days. They just appear out of nowhere and bam! surprise me :D. So this time it was B. He told he had some surprise for me and whatsapp-ed his location. I was excited max on seeing it. He was in b’lore.I seriously couldn’t wait to step out of office asap. We met for dinner and ate some decent Mc food. B, didn’t like it much but I enjoyed without any qualms. Common it was chicken. How could I not enjoy it? So I quietly gobbled up B’s share too.

B’s plan was to meet me for the dinner and leave the same day. But since I said i’ll take off from office he changed his plans. We decided to spend some mall-time (Do we have other option in B’lore? ). Though we struggled a bit on it, we concluded the one nearer and affordable (Lots of shopping to be followed :D).

So the next day I met him at Central, from where we rode on bike to the mall. Since neither of us knew the directions we backed on Google maps. So obviously it was me who had to read out, analyse and guide B, which was not any near to be happening. To hell with GM :-/ . Good for me there was another mall on the way, I gave up on guiding and decided to go to this mall. So we parked ourselves into mall and had some yummy Barney’s chicken, which was far too better than KFC. But neither of us were satisfied with this mall. B did few inquiries and found few ways to reach there. We settled the bike in the lot and took an auto to the decided mall. Little did we know that it would burn up our pockets , err B’s in fact ;-).

We reached the said mall which was like on other side of the world. Nonetheless we still had some shopping vibes which later turned out to be a viral-shopping-spree. Okay..okay I accept not us, only me. Let me explain it this way, it seemed like B was on a viral-shopping-spree that he bought me stuff for 5-digit-grand and I, though had pangs of guilt could not deny them. I however, tried to stop him (in my defense). End of the day I was carrying designer bag, pretty top, jeans, denim jacket and an over-priced,I feel, footwear. I was extreeeemmmely happy. Somewhere between the shopping spree I wanted to watch X-men movie. So we squeezed this in our last stop which was a 3rd mall.

We again took an auto to the first mall where the bike was parked and traveled twice the above said world 😦 needless to say double burnt in pockets. Howsoever we reached mall 3 on time and secured two tickets. Movie was good, would have been more good if I would’ve watched the climax too.But B had to catch his bus so we left the movie on verge of climax. Since I too wanted to reach home early and try my new stuff, I had no complaints.

The same week, saturday A was in B’lore and I went to meet him (Mall 4). We ate at California Pizza Kitchen. We had barbecue chicken pizza and a goat cheese pizza (my choice 😀 ). Barbecue pizza was okay types. But goat cheese pizza with caramelized onions was to die for :D. Seriously people, you should try this if you happen to land in CPK. After the lunch we were joined by another friend. We strolled around the mall for sometime and landed in Blu.We played bowling and I got a temporary tattoo too :D. All-in-all I had whale of a time.

How was your weekend?