Finally. So finally I am bringing this blog back from its grave. Not that I never tried earlier. In fact I got myself to start at least a dozen of incomplete posts but not much as to complete them. Anyways now that I’m here I want to complete before this turns out being into drafts.

Last week month, I accompanied B to his convocation ceremony. Not for the fact that he has done some outstanding accomplishments or a gold to pose for, just that I can spend some quality time with him before he flies off to Sgp. Now if you are aware that what-so-ever plans we make to meet, most of them go futile. And how we got this convo trip happening is quite a surprise. So the plan was to fly off to Delhi and take self drive car to reach the Campus. Oh by the bye, B is from IIT-R. So naturally the convo fuss.

B, four of his friends and I were to meet in Delhi and go together to the campus. The journey was a bit tiresome after early morning flight and scorching Delhi’s climate. Add to that terrible traffic because of Mr.President’s visit. We were worried about not reaching on time for the registration, to the point that few of them thought they would just meet the friends and return without the certies.

We reached an hour late, at 4. But they were allowed to get registered after few frantic change of calls. By 6, B was done with formalities and rehearsal so we set out for a campus tour. I just love the campus and its serenity. I’m envious of people who are lucky to be there. And then slowly people started flowing in and the old pals were catching up. Now i well know that B is a friendly person and people are fond of him. But to this extent! I had no clue. It almost took us an hour and more to reach from gate to the canteen, which is no more than 5 min walk. The other guys, B’s friends were staying in my sight. They too met people but not on large scale. I would not see him for two-three hours at a stretch. He would be busy hello-hii-ing with juniors and friends. I handshake-d with a large number of people. Feeling quite a celeb.It was quite a moment to see so many juniors rounding up B with hi-fis’ and brotherly hugs. That was a moment because no one among-st them or that I’ve seen of got so much attention.

Then we joined a Haddu group for the dinner. Mostly of juniors. I was horrified at the sight of the place . I dare even the bathrooms back home were more luminous than this place. Kebab Corner, was B’s most favorite place in town, give his love for meat. I bet there’s nothing more dearer on this earth to B than meat. He goes to the extent that all the veggie foods taste alike and one cannot relish much from it. Anyways coming back, the food here was complete contrast to its ambiance. It was the best Afghani I had ever tasted. And the Shorma. Out of the world. Slowly I understood there no point cursing ambiance when you have such delicious food to devour. All through the meal we zeroed in on B. His juniors opened all his crushes list to me. I had so much fun listening to all that, though my heart stung once or twice.

Then we moved to rest while my heart still wanted to stay there with them and know about all his mischievous acts. The next day before the ceremony B took me to a small eatery which looked like it survived a recent cyclone. B had told me that he survived mostly on Ustaadji’s egg maggie during his college days. And Ustaadji was so delighted to see B. He inquired why he hadn’t come yesterday and that he was cooking special biryani for him today and he should come back after the ceremony. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was touched by the love he showed. We ate maggie while B asked Ustaadji to pull a chair and inquired about his life. After we ate B fetched a 500 note and placed in his pocket. Later I learnt that B had helped ustaadji many a times financially.

I have always known B puts somebody else’s comfort before his. Not that he’s so very kind but he definitely lends a hand where ever he can.Many a times we have to adjust so that someone else is satisfied. It gets me on nerves sometimes. But the kind of love you get from this behavior is unconditional. Its worth all that selflessness. End of the day I was beaming with much happiness for him. I’m not sure if am happy for his degree, but his behavior i’m very much. I’m so proud of my boy 😀