Lately the friends and I are being super bugged from the food here. So today, which is logically yesterday, we decided to cook something delicious and healthy. Our view of healthy is that which can with hold all the veggies plus it should be an all-in-one dish, healthy-tasty-minimal-work. We are such lazy bums don’t have the luxury of time you see! So it being Saturday, an all-veg-no-meat day, Veggie Noodles is which fell into our zone. And we started off with it.

Here I’m providing you with diy tasty-Healthy-noodles.

#1. Before you start off with any great work, division of work is the most important thing. Buying groceries, cutting veggies, cooking and doing the vessels. Play smart and choose less work :-P. I chose the last one.

#2. Neatly wash the veggies and cut them into equal sized portions with great precision . Use of scales are very much allowed.

IMG-20141011-WA0004 IMG-20141011-WA0005

#3. Fetch all the necessities before you get-set-ready for the cooking. You wouldn’t like running helter-skelter for a ladle right when your potatoes are on the verge of burn up.

#4. Discuss the different methods available(among-st your friends) and fix for the best one. Its always best to decide whether onions should go first or is it ginger-garlic, lest you should risk the blame for the outcome. Anyways there are thousand and one suggestions pouring in your way. So follow them. Promptly.

#5. Step aside. Assistant’s work is done now. Handover the ladle to your loyal friend and watch her closely and jot down the procedure. It might be helpful. In case you would have to cook anytime in the future.

#6. Your tasty-healthy-noodles is now ready to devour. Grab your plates and get-set-go.

#7. No you are not done yet. No brownie points for the extra help. Now go do the utensils. :-/

This is what we our veggie-noodles looked like.


It was a lil bit oily five-times-more-than-the-usual, otherwise it was the best noodles ever on the earth 😀 .

Hope you people will also try this tasty item and let me know how it turned out.

With all love and anticipation,


P.S We are done with the noodles and dare not even spell its name for at least six months.