Past many days I had been thinking of a catchy name for B. Now that I’m talking much of him and will continue talking in the future, I thought why not get him a nice name. This decided I was on hunt of names from past one month and then I stumbled on Chilly. Its short, sweet and suits him aptly, I think.

Chilly, if I had not mentioned earlier, is very obsessive keen about his skin. I don’t know whether its due to his oily skin he does that or he’s really *beauty conscious*, I bet he’s the latter, he washes his face a zillion times a day. He’s on constant search for rest rooms anywhere he goes. Theater, shopping mall, airport, name-any-place-you-want. What-so-ever it is, his love for face wash is unimaginable. I never miss to include a face wash when I compile occasional gift set for him. In fact I remember his college friends teasing Chilly that he has used all the face wash products available in the market. Last month, Chilly and I were in a store which sells all the beauty products you can name. Given his devotion for skin, I recommended a scrub and asked him to use it. Later when I met him in Hyderabad, I asked if that product I recommended was working for him. He complained that it was an useless product and not worth a buck. I was quite shocked because I had been using this product from ages and it works wonders for me. I had gotten my friends and family also to use it. And it worked too for them also. Just as I was thinking what could be wrong, Chilly complained that he almost emptied that tube at one go but it wouldn’t give a speck’s foam. I just burst out laughing when I heard it, almost that my stomach quenched with pain. Chilly was clueless why I was behaving like a maniac all the while. He must be the sole person on earth to use scrub for a face wash and complain it didn’t foam. Poor Chilly! But was he to be blamed for that? I should have told him how to use it in the first place . Hahaha :-D. Such an adorable fella!
P.S – I found a hundred and one typos when reread this. I wrote this post at an untimely time (2 am). Kindly ignore them 🙂 .