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As I told already that we are bored of food here, everyday the friends and I are on search for options around us, which is most invariably  Mc D or KFC. Now we have gotten extremely bored of these too. Yesterday when we were exploring the options, we hit upon a dosa center nearby. Not exactly center. Its just a counter on the road side. But we thought, given that it’s ever surrounded by customers, we could try there for once ignoring the ambiance and pollution as if we cared otherwise 😉

As usual the place was very much crowded and I was amazed to find that they didn’t use a conventional tava for the dosas, instead they used a granite piece. Stone-cooking in literal sense. And above it they used searing red coal for the cooking. Then it was all apparent for me. The crowd didn’t swarm here just like that.


Dosa man in action!

They have so many variants to offer. And each one is Yumm!

Sizzling dosa on sizzling coal flame!

Sizzling dosa on sizzling coal flame!



Please excuse the quality of pics. It was difficult to capture good pics without proper light would be embarrassing if that shopwala disapproved of us capturing his copy righted property. Did he think we were trying to plagiarize his recipe and steal his customer base ? I think he did. He gave us few snarling looks. But still we dared the abash. And there was this nose-picker who commented that we clicked pictures and now we would post them in facebook >:-( . How dare he! I don’t even remember my facebook password for the record, don’t even ask me when I last logged in. How-so-ever the dosas were too delicious to be ignored, so put that freak off my mind and savored the dosas. Soooo delicious :D. I went there two days straight.

*Statutory Health Warning : People who are health-frenzy and with disinterested palates are strongly advised to stay away.