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Last night when chilly and I were talking on phone,actually he was talking and I was doing whatelse?, he complained that I’m very less of a girl. He says that girls should be hyperactive when it comes to talking and should bug others with their non-sense. Then when I thought about it, I realized that in fact I was very un-girly. Here are few ungirly things about me:

* I would happily walk in the scorching sun instead of bearing the weight of an extra umbrella.

* I can never manage to have beautiful manicured finger nails. It would be very short or very long, unless people urge me to stop murder attempts on them with those nails,  either way I overdo it.

* I hate hate bathetic movies. I cannot stand to see that oozing love and emotions. I cannot read love stories too. The Fault in our stars is lying in an unseen corner for over 6 months now.

* I’m terribly terrible at posing for pictures. One or two good pictures I have got are purely accidental.

* It takes ages for me to clean the paint off my nails.

* You would be awfully wrong if you thought you could bribe me with those delicious chocolates. Bring me cheese+anything instead ;-).

* I didn’t cry watching Notebook, but I cried pathetically watching Schindler’s list and A beautiful mind.

* I prefer intelligent boys over handsome boys, though they are tough to tackle.

* I HATE Twilight series. No words. Just hate.

* I hate cool and rainy places. It makes me so gloomy. I love places, bright and sunny, where beautiful sun rays always seep into the windows. Roomie and I always fight over this :-P. She wants the windows and door closed where as I want them wide opened

Disclosure : The above mentioned traits are purely personal and doesn’t take any liabilities of whomsoever disapproving of it.