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Last week has been very hectic for me. I’m just running haphazardly with over a zillions things in my mind. I hadn’t been able to catch up with growing unread posts. Though I read a few of them I hadn’t had enough time to comment. Okay this is the mildest of the worries I have right now, but still I feel so disconnected already. Please wait for me people, I’m coming.

And then Chilly left for Singapore today. And what was worst is that he left with out meeting me one last time. That’s all. I behaved insanely with him the past week. I was frigging mad at him. All I thought was how the hell could he leave without meeting me. I knew that he was busy as a beaver, had thousand and one things to take care of. But how the hell could he? How could he? No amount of convincing could cool me down. I would not have even wished him good luck today, had we not sorted out things between us. Yes I’m stubborn as a mule. Chilly says I’m egocentric. But hello, this is part of the rights I exert over you. But now I think I overreacted. He felt bad for not being able to meet too. I should ‘ve known better than getting boiling mad.

Between all these chaos, Mother and Sister are terribly sick, and I had to run to and fro from Bangalore to home. Sister has got burning temperature. It churns my stomach that I cannot take care of them. I have been so worried with all these. And more because my Dad has to manage all alone. Presence of relatives has made it a bit easy though.

All this is happening at the most crucial time for me. I have been planning on this from months and now when the D-day is nearing I have so many things bugging me. I have put so much on stake for this and I don’t want to screw it up. I just hope I get through all this. Pray for me people.