Hello ya’ll, first of all Happy New Year to you all. Don’t be shocked. OK fine be but then just say Whoa! and get over it, I’m back. And now lets get this straight, I really want to blog something but I absolutely have no feed, so I’m going ahead doing some cliched to-do post. Please bear.

Here are few things which I wish ought to do in this year.

* Gym daily. Gym was one thing I horribly failed in 2014. I joined in August’14 but my workout card has been filled only for 7 days. That too with great difficulty. Shame, I know :-(. My trainer also commented I come once in a year. Hmm what can I do when no source is inspiring enough to keep me going. Anyways I’ve worked out a way for this, I challenged my trainer that I wont miss a day from now and if I did I’ll pay him 100 bucks each day. So hopefully this works 😀

* Healthy food. Yes, like everyone else, this is on my priority list. I must say I’m almost successful at doing this. I could squeeze-in beetroot juice in the morning. I have kept KFC, pizzas and the like food at bay… hmm OK less frequent at least. And I’m cooking my lunch everyday which is, awesome, I know.

* Read books. Again a commoner. I could complete only 10 books in 2014. This year my target is 24 books. And above that I should log every book that I read in 2015. May be in will enroll myself into some reading challenge that would be easier.

* Blog regularly. No, regularly is a broad word. Blog every day week. Yes that’s better.

* Forgive people and move on. Build good relations with people. Socialize more.

* No procrastination. This becoming a slow poison in my life. I have to curb it before it takes toll on my life.

Hopefully I’ll stick to all these.