Hi ya’ll there, I just jumped out of my bed with a sudden urge to write something, coupled with a sore throat and a running nose and a crumpled left foot and that lasagna I had in dinner which just got so heavy and a bit of extra sleep that i got from the extended weekend, which is making me a tad bit insomniac. That’s all nothing much at all.

Anyways coming to serious things, I think I it always wonders me, the pace with which things change how just last week everything felt topsy-turvy, how everything was just not right and how now I’m able to sit back and enjoy soothing music like nothing happened at all. I don’t want to go into details but lets just say that I had a very bad week at office, which kept me sobbing for whole three hours. But then thanks to the very supportive colleagues, we all went out for dinner which was much needed for me.

And then next day just got better. I met A in the evening and watched The Imitation Game which was just fab. Please go watch this people. I’m planning to watch it again this weekend. After that we headed to a sports-bar which was hosting live football match between Liverpool Vs Bolton. And this was my first Football match ever. Yeah people don’t be shocked. But what a waste it was, I couldn’t witness a single goal from either of the teams. By the time match got over it was 1 AM. And we had to ride on bike to reach the flat in such a chilling weather. It was fun anyways. And the reason for my running nose. Huh :-(. Today I met another close friend of mine. Though we had met just for an hour, it was such a joy meeting him after 2 years. That’s how the lasagna happened, which is filled to the brim of my throat. Hmm I really think I should try sleeping now.

* Listening to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri as I’m writing this. You can hear to this beautiful song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d9XF3qhowA

Goodnight People 🙂

P.S – The very sweet Shruthi has nominated me for Versatile Blogger award and a post on that to come up.

P.S – This is that post which went mysteriously missing. More on this in the next post.