Well this is second post today, not really but yeah since I posted the missing post, it is. Hmm the missing-post-mystery got solved at last. BB, my friend and the only one of my acquaintance who follows my blog had this post in his inbox. I do not know how it got into his inbox and missing in my dashboard. Anyways not burning my head much, I took the post from him and re-posted it. So I am now officially calling off the Operation ;-). Like I already told in my last post, sore throat is taking its toll on my life. Its not exactly the pain that’s bugging me but the changes it brought along. Any new person who hears me speak would think God created a girl but alas! mapped with Amrish Puri’s base voice :-/ . Okay I exaggerated a bit, but its no less huh..! I’m so thoroughly embarrassed to speak. I also had to take client calls with this base voice. My colleagues are having fun imitating me. Not funny. I’m betting on lozenges to work miracles for me. If it does I’ll distribute them on my b’day :-P. Anyways coming to the nicer things, I think I’m more positive this week. Things are going good nothing to crib at all :D. I got my hands on The Code of Woosters by P.G.Wodehouse, which I had been eyeing for quite sometime. Review on that to follow asap ;-). And I think I have a thing for poems, it just came out of blue. I’m craving to write one but seriously I think I’m no good at it. Anyways I can foresee that I’ll nourish this budding interest. I’ll post here when I get myself to write a decent stanza. Well, wishing you all a happy week-that-is.Ta-ta!