the princess, ahem… I woke up only to find that world’s catching up at light-year’s speed and I’m just leaving a huge void in here. Things, nice things, normal things, i-feel-good things have happened in the past say two months. I had had longed so much to write about each of these things only to loose all the zeal once i logged in :p., oh that’s only 10% of what constitutes the reason, the real winner is my slack. I realized I’m not doing rightful justice to what I claim to be ‘an avid blogger’ :p, then I got all guilty and that’s why this.

Okay, here it is, all the updates in chronological order. The B’day was celebrated. And the same day happened to be my first international trip. At some point I got really confused for what I had to be more excited . But I think I have been growing with each birthday, like in emotionally. I took both of them with great aplomb 😀 , which is a clear sign that i’m indeed growing old. All I got to do on the B’day was wake up, catch a bus and a flight and a flight add to it 4-5 hours of wait time in the airport and hello its next day! By the way it was a 15 day trip to Singapore and Thailand. And as per the norms the 15 day trip ended like in a jiffy. Hey this is just a bulletin, so don’t expect more ;).

Back to India. Recently we’ve got these dance classes started at my office. As soon as I got the announcement mail, I was like woohooo because the friends and I wanted to join them. So this class happens every tuesday, 6-7 PM. Its been four classes till now and we are done with a 2 min composition of Dekha jo tujhe yaar from Apnaa Sapnaa. Oh, did I mention what a pain in the ass it was after the first class? My legs were literally paralyzed. I would say it was a bit too much for the start, but otherwise I had so much fun learning it. Next week we are doing this Punjabi style and I cannot wait for it :D.

I joined a volunteering org. Yeah I was whiling away my weekends and gave a thought why couldn’t I use it better. So we had this traffic awareness thing on a weekend. I have this big starters problem and was quite unsure if I had to go, but once I was into it, all my apprehensions were washed away. I was glad I actually got my a** off the couch and joined the cause.

So folks, that’s what had happened in the last two months. What’s up with you people?

P.S- I too sleepy to do the proof reading, so please bear with it.