Though Chilly is all matured and big boy kinda types in most of the situations, there are these funny antics he does that make me fall for him than the former. Here I’m presenting you with few of these acts.


Sometime last week I was on call with Chilly, talking about his visit to India and was arguing about where we had to meet? Bangalore or Hyderabad.

Me: I think we’ll meet in Bangalore, that way I wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Hyderabad.

Chilly: No let’s meet in Hyderabad. I haven’t had Biryani like in months and anyways you too love Hyderabadi Biryani, don’t you ?

I give so many reasons why bangalore is a better option but he’s not buying it.

Me: Okay, let’s just say you have only one hour and you can either eat Biryani or meet me. Which one will you choose?

Chilly: *With a devilish grin* First I will ask you to come to the Biryani place and i’ll meet you there.

Me: *&^####&*


Mr.Busy Bee hasn’t shown himself for the whole day last Sunday *only day we get to talk with out worrying about the time difference*. I was waiting desperately for his call and it got me soo badly mad that he hadn’t messaged me, atleast once.

Me(At around 7.30 PM): What kind of a boy friend are you ?

Chilly: Sorry baby!

Me(burning red hot): F**k your baby.


Then he calls me immediately and I blasted him all through, though after a bit of persuasion I gave in. Then he tells me how funny it felt, me saying ‘F*** your baby. Please‘. He took the totally wrong version of what I said though he knew what I really meant. Jerk! I was so embarrassed or may be shy-blushing. Don’t know which was more 😛


This happened when I was in Singapore. Chilly shares a 3 BHK apartment with a live-in couple and other guy. And he has this disgusting habit of going around the apartment exposing his vast chest or roaming about in the towel when he has to take a shower.

Me(Petrified): Are you going out of the room like this?

Chilly: Yeah I guess. It doesn’t make much sense to get dressed in formals for an occasion like this(bathing he meant)

Me: But P is watching TV in the living room.

Chilly: So?

Me: What if she sees you like this!… Will you not be embarrassed?

Chilly(Laughing): Why should I be? She should be embarrassed for seeing me like this. And some more gyaan on why we shouldn’t care what others think.

Me: Banging my head and hoping that she doesn’t see him like that :-/ :-|.