Hey y’all, today I’m in a totally excited state and I want to cash this state before the writer-atoms me decide to become inert. I’d started like five-six posts and stopped mid-way, Heck! I can’t even come up with one decent post 😦 :-|..not so happening, so I decided to take some cue from the blog world, The 100 Happiness days. Yeah that’s good. I have serious doubts if I can complete 100 posts in my life time, given my writing records, but hey I should at least try before I give up. So here’s to the first post of 100 Happy days.

    100 Happy days – Day 1

        Happiness is a Bright Day


If you know me outside this blog, you’d probably know how much of a sucker I’m for a bright-sunshiny day, specially Sunday. If not naturally, which a possibility because Bangalore decides to pour down on weekends religiously *looks like its mourning for the upcoming Monday 😛 *, I don’t mind going for induced brightness, aka tube-lights. The friends and I always fight over this while watching movies on laptop. I like it with all the doors, windows open with sunlight seeping in through, while they like it all dark and cozy. They win, always, duh, given their majority. But today Bangalore decided to surprise me with its soothing cheerful bright day, I guess someone’s forgotten its Sunday, haha ;). I’m done with all the weekend chores and ready, with a book, for basking in the sunshine.

How do y’all like your day?

P.S- I’m secretly crying now because I had to write the post twice, the first time I clicked some button and it vanished. Every single letter of it. That’s too much for a comeback 😦 .