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So Chilly left for Sgp last Monday and now we are back to the differential time zones, though the sulking is yet to start. Some background here, I usually crib and cry that he is not available in the nights when I want to talk to him. By the time the I reach home from the office, its too late for him to stay up and talk to me. And I, used to talking till late into night during his India days, go mad when I really want to talk to him and he’s not available. We would call each other names and fight like cocks. And he, such an idiot he is, instead of staying up in the night argues that he’ll call in the morning and if I really longed so much to talk to him, I should wake up in the morning. Now that’s too much. How can he expect me to wake up at such godly hours, that too for Bangalore’s climate. So I yell even more saying he’s egocentric. He gives it back. And it goes on, and on. Despite all these, there are few days when we talk from dawn into the dusk. And I absolutely love these talks. One thing that we do apart from talk is, hold your breaths, Sing 🙂 .

100 Happy Days – Day 2

Happiness is Singing together, on the phone!

Chilly is not a fanboy of music, in fact his taste in music isn’t much adorable, but he absolutely loves when somebody sings for him. In the initial college days, I was very hesitant to sing, because I shared my room with others and was too much into what-would-they-think sorts and we often got into huge brawl over this expectations thing . But now I don’t have any such apprehensions, once I started dwelling with him I had to forgo all these for my own good. We sing together all our favorite songs till our throats go dry. When we don’t remember the lyrics, we browse on the fly and sing it back. On a side note, Chilly thinks that I have a very good voice all I have to do is fine tune it. *Blush blush*. Now I have so gotten to love to sing for him that I really want to be trained well and sing for him but unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of time rite now. Someday I will learn. For him :-).

The first song I learnt for him is his favorite one from telugu, konte chupu tho. The same song is available in Tamil and I heard its being made in Kannada too. If somebody wants to hear it, below is the link.

Telugu Version :

You can check out the Tamil version here. Go ahead and listen to it, its a very nice song.