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Yes I’m, in case you were wondering. Man! It feels like it has been ages since I wrote something or anything. You know how it takes tremendous will power to sit erect and write something and add to it there are always obstacles coming your way like, duh! my life is so boring what do I even write or the ‘h’ of your keyboard doesn’t work or the fact that watching an episode of Friends overrides that teeny-weeny intention of writing or just as I’m writing I realized even ‘n’ doesn’t work,that’s a lot of effort now I tell you. Anyway coming to the actual part last month just few past in a jiff, one of the besties got married and I should say I miss her more than I thought I would. The past few days were not really good between us, its a long story definitely not for today. I want to write a long letter to tell her how I miss her and how badly I wish we had steered clear all our differences and been the usual besties we used to be. Emotional stuff apart, attending the marriage made me want to get married. Badly. Serious badly. After all, think of all the cool things you get- you are suddenly the over-night-star, shopping for costumes, jewelry, deciding on venue and of course menu, bachelorette parties and other cool things you know…okay! I cant think of anything else but these are cool enough to lure you and now when I’m finally off the hangover, it scares the crap out of me. Good that few things are not decided in the spurt of excitement.

I had set a target to read fifty books this year and I’m not anywhere near to even one-forth of it. Last month I read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and as expected it was a refreshing read, definitely recommended. Then read The train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh, again a nice one. Right now I’ve got my hands on 1984 by George Orwell, and no matter what I think I cant turn beyond two pages. I read Animal Farm from the same author and I loved it but this turned out to be a bummer for me, may be I’ll pick it up later sometime. Okay that’s that about books. Anybody got good recommendations? I want to be surprised ;). And guys! I’m officially on break from work for two weeks starting today. Don’t get jealous already. I’m not on holiday break, if it makes anyone feel better, I have got some important commitments and hope it all turns out as I want it to be.I’ll tell what it is once it all goes well, all I can ask for now is, please people! pray for me.

I think that is all for now. Goodnight ya’ll.