Hello Peeps ! How have ya’ll been ? I hope you’ve had a good time doing whatever you intended to in the by-gone holiday day seasons, we are talking about Christmas-New Year-Sankranti, btw ;). I’m just back in Banglore after spending 3 days at home. I must say I had pretty much satisfactory weekend, which is gorging on lots of yummy home food, good sleep, meeting relatives, movies and all festive things in general. The Sis commented I ate as if I came from famine hit area. I ignored her, huh 😐 .

Talking of Christmas reminds me to tell you that, the Roomies and I are playing Secret Santa for Sankranti 😛 . Well before you start laughing at us, let me explain. First of, we were too broke to play in the Christmas week, so New Year’s eve we decided. Then we need a week more to decide on the gifts to buy. And then it took few more days until each one put together their respective gifts. We are still waiting for one person’s gift to arrive, as I write this. And yes we are cursing her already. I’m pretty much excited for this, as this is the first time I’m playing secret santa. FYI, my office people are too boring for all this stuff. I will leave you people updated with what each one of us got in a day or two 😀 .

Coming to the shocker, I resolved to post 75 posts before my B’day,that’s 27th of March. Nothing special about the date, I just wanted to pick a date randomly, I did. So that’s that then. See you around peeps !

P.S : Does anybody know how to add a Countdown widget for the posts? Your help will be appreciated, truly :P.