What more can be asked for, on a dull work filled Tuesday than a little ounce of joy as this…..


Just as my colleague,P and I got back to the workstation after lunch, we were told that there was some beauty service based co. in the campus and people were being offered complimentary nail arts as part of their promotions. P and I jumped at the news and ran to get our nails pampered. It was being done in a vanity van by few professionals and we wandered around the van just to get their attention, which we got :P. A lady walked to us and started talking about their services and inquired if we cared for a trial.. which in all true sense was the only thing we cared about 😉 . I was initially skeptical if any thing could be done to my short-bald nails. But as it turns out, I’m super happy with the out come. Personally I loved the kitty on the middle finger. It was in deed a sweet diversion on an otherwise mundane Tuesday 🙂