Well we haven’t kept in touch for a while, owing to the karma of nature, you know stuff like how if you want something the whole world conspires in helping to achieve it, just so anti in my case, if you were wondering why and how?, well that’s a different post in itself. Anyway now that I have come here I might as well say that a few life turning events have happened in the recent one month. Chilly, has taken a big decision and moved to Banglore, leaving his job in Sgp. He and a couple of his friends from IITR are working on a start up idea and have chosen Banglore as their base. That means I am happy for he moving to Banglore but quite unsettling about the whole dropoff from a cozy high end job. With all will and hope, I pray it all goes well. He has moved in yesterday and right now I’m typing out this post from his place. *Alert*You can expect a lot of Chilly posts going forward. I see myself juggling between my place and his in the near future. Waking up in the morning and not finding the right matching jeans for a top or leggings *I wear kurtis a lot to work* , misplacing something in either of the places and totally forget it because I will never find it, brainstorming over startup work till 3 or 4 AM, taking a high risk of staying in the next room while his parents are in his flat and sneaking secretly to bathroom*this happened yesterday 😉 *, yeah I foresee all of that. And I’m being as optimistic as I can about the travel to his place.Yes I’m not yet complaining about it. Coming to the nicer things I like this locality more than mine. Quite a lot of good eateries around ,there’s a boutique right below their apartments and Chilly himself in Banglore now :D. All in all I just can’t say how happy I am.