I know I’m two and an hour late for the first day’s post, but please this is the only time I got for it. So as the title says I am going to cover up for all the things that has happened since I last posted here. Life has been quite a run since Chilly has moved to Bangalore. This is how an average day looked for the past one month, wake up at 8 rush to office by 9 AM. The routine of me getting ready to office seems like some reality show testing on speed. Breakfast has literally been washed off from my life. And the fact that Chilly’s place is far far far away from my work place , which I thought wouldn’t affect me much is coming back and picking me in the a**. 4 out of 5 days my boss* who by the way only comes to office after our half day has gone by * had called me asking why I wasn’t still in office and each day I gave some lame stupid reasons.And there is no word to describe the horrendous traffic I have to endure daily. Most of the days I try to be strong see the positive side of this, but most of the times it makes my mood sullen. The first thing I do after reaching office is go straight to the cafeteria and have a cup of chai, that’s when and only when I feel better. Anyways I leave office at around 6 to endure another two hours of torture only to reach by 8.30 PM. After having some junk chicken for dinner we head to Chilly’s friend’s place to work for the start up. Since most of the tech guys are still working part time for the start up , the only time feasible is after 10 Pm and it goes on till 3 – 4 AM. By the time we reach home its 4.30 AM. And for the first time in my life I wanted 2 more extra hours in a day. Just so I can get a wink of decent sleep. I don’t think I have any more energy left in me, so that’s it for today. See you tomorrow peeps , Good night!