I just feel like writing today. I’m happy, I don’t know why. I can feel the warmth of pleasantness that’s flowing in me right now. Its like I’m wrapped in a cocoon of peaceful bliss that prevails just after a distressing storm. I think its the music that dose this. I seem to have stitched the earphones to my ears, can’t get them off at all. I think this is what they call, music therapy. I had a very bad fight with Chilly yesterday, when we were out at a restaurant, which ended in me running out abruptly in the mid of the dinner and crying back my way to my place. But I think I controlled pretty much not to breakdown, which I think I’m significantly improving at. Once I reached my place I cried all my grief for 10 good minutes, washed my face and decided to get over it. I plugged my earphones and logged into YouTube. And there was no stopping for the next 6 hours. It was therapeutic, I must say. And I also manage to get some of my stuff like office work or some other online learning done in those 6 hours. If not for music, I don’t know how else I would have engulfed such drowning sorrow. It has become pretty much the norm now a days whenever we fight.I don’t want this blissful cocoon to break..not today, not tomorrow , not for ever.

#Song on loop for the day.