..this cute little conversation between a mom and her daughter. Last night I tagged along with my friend to a near by tuck shop to get few photocopies made, while it was pouring cats and dogs outside. While we were still at the shop, a lady walked in mumbling something about the rain. She immediately called her daughter and shot questions regarding what the daughter wanted. She seemed really furious when she spoke, and this is how it went.

Mom : Kitni bar phone karrahi hun! Phone kyun nahi uthati ?

Daughter : Kya hua mumma ?

Mom : Tum ko har cheez last moment mein hi kyu yaad aati hain?? I have come all the way in the rain now.

Daughter : Where ?

Mom : Stationery shop aayi hun..

Daughter : Ohh mommm!!

Mom : What now ?

Daughter : Thanks a lot momm!!

Mom(in that voice when our moms want to sound angry but they don’t) : Theek hain bolo kya chahiye??

*All the while the said mom had put her phone on speaker and it was so heartwarming to hear their conversation. It made me think how such small acts of love have a profound impact on our day and our lives.