Of gifts and rain..

So today Bangalore had its first rain of 2016. I was quite surprised to see the jogging track damp but the lazy ass that I’m took it for some nonseasonal pour. So I went by my gut feeling that it wouldn’t rain again and that carrying an umbrella would be a waste. Who did I think I was ! Meteorological department (?). Much to my dismay, it decided to rain all day long, served me right, I think. Anyway lesson was learnt and now I decided I will carry
an umbrella with me any day, sun or rain.
Okay now, remember I spoke about the Santa game we were gonna play? Yes! We finally did it. And I’m super happy with the gifts I got. As promised I’m gonna leave pictures of the gifts each one of us received.





Unfortunately I cannot post SN’s gift to SH here because of the anonymity thing, but she got a lovely self engraved portrait. Each one of us were thoroughly happy with the gifts received. Let me know which one did you like the best!


What more can be asked for, on a dull work filled Tuesday than a little ounce of joy as this…..


Just as my colleague,P and I got back to the workstation after lunch, we were told that there was some beauty service based co. in the campus and people were being offered complimentary nail arts as part of their promotions. P and I jumped at the news and ran to get our nails pampered. It was being done in a vanity van by few professionals and we wandered around the van just to get their attention, which we got :P. A lady walked to us and started talking about their services and inquired if we cared for a trial.. which in all true sense was the only thing we cared about 😉 . I was initially skeptical if any thing could be done to my short-bald nails. But as it turns out, I’m super happy with the out come. Personally I loved the kitty on the middle finger. It was in deed a sweet diversion on an otherwise mundane Tuesday 🙂

Few resolutions..err one

Hello Peeps ! How have ya’ll been ? I hope you’ve had a good time doing whatever you intended to in the by-gone holiday day seasons, we are talking about Christmas-New Year-Sankranti, btw ;). I’m just back in Banglore after spending 3 days at home. I must say I had pretty much satisfactory weekend, which is gorging on lots of yummy home food, good sleep, meeting relatives, movies and all festive things in general. The Sis commented I ate as if I came from famine hit area. I ignored her, huh 😐 .

Talking of Christmas reminds me to tell you that, the Roomies and I are playing Secret Santa for Sankranti 😛 . Well before you start laughing at us, let me explain. First of, we were too broke to play in the Christmas week, so New Year’s eve we decided. Then we need a week more to decide on the gifts to buy. And then it took few more days until each one put together their respective gifts. We are still waiting for one person’s gift to arrive, as I write this. And yes we are cursing her already. I’m pretty much excited for this, as this is the first time I’m playing secret santa. FYI, my office people are too boring for all this stuff. I will leave you people updated with what each one of us got in a day or two 😀 .

Coming to the shocker, I resolved to post 75 posts before my B’day,that’s 27th of March. Nothing special about the date, I just wanted to pick a date randomly, I did. So that’s that then. See you around peeps !

P.S : Does anybody know how to add a Countdown widget for the posts? Your help will be appreciated, truly :P.



It seems like this part of the world, by which I mean the Southern Part of India, is caught in insane rains and head-throbbing sneezes everywhere, which nonetheless has passed on to me too. Kindly bear with any disordered words or alpha-numeric-special characters that might pop up here, because I wont be proof reading this owing to the unseasonal rain and cold. Yeah we are bound to shun something :P.

Right now I’m encircled in a sea of tissues on my bed, with one hand on my unresponsive keyboard and other trying vehemently to stop the flooding nose. Not a nice picture to visualize, I know, but the reality is even more harsh.

Lately I’m having this eerie feeling that the viruses or bacteria, whatever it is that causes fever-cold-cough, inside my body have formed a coalition amongst them and sworn to cause its host, me, all the damage they can. I put a lot of thought before I jumped to this bizarre conclusion. Let me explain. Given the fact that I haven’t had anything that remotely falls in the red zone of rainy season, aka piping hot fritters, ice-cremes and likes, I failed to understand why I caught cough and sore throat, that’s when I sensed something fishy. Owing to my not-so-good experience with the Degree1 ailment(that’s cough in the viral world), I took medication well before I got totally affected. Then they sought to use D2 ailment: fever. Fortunately I had the medication for this too, because you know, Erythromycin and Paracetamol go hand in hand, like one buys bread and butter one might say. Now that D1 and D2 failed, they resolved to use D3-cold, thebaapofall. Now who would dream that you,being stashed indoors all through the week, warm and cozy, would have more probability of falling prey to this deadly evil than your friend who came home drenched head to toe for two continuous days? I didn’t. But I did believe there’s some conspiracy going behind within me and I’m no easy either, I took the bitterest pills of highest dosage that would kill the last virus of the league present within. And I just resolved to breathing through nose again unlike through mouth. That’s a win already. Also I request all you people to be adequately geared up and fight your virus leagues proactively, lest we should loose to these antihuman-deadly-unicellular-beings.


Is somebody there?


Okay! So its not all nighty here. I just cannot sleep, apparently the last 3 hours I spent on youtube with my earphones on listening to the Billboard list has washed away my sleep. And I guess the post dinner green tea I had is also working its way. I tried to meditate myself to sleep but all I can hear is The Skyfall song instead of my own breathe. On a very irrelavant note, isn’t that song a bomb? And Adele, she is a genius in all caps. Coming back to the point, if you are still up reading this and somehow know few tips to fall asleep then do let me know.